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Femmeslash Big Bang

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Femmeslash Big Bang

femmeslash big bang

Picture credit: thilia

Welcome to the femmeslash big bang. A big bang is, to put it simply, a challenge to write a longer fic. At the femmeslash big bang, we are focused on femmeslash pairings from all pairings that are 20,000 words or higher. We will also have cheerleader sign-ups, beta sign-ups and artist sign-ups so that stories can have art written for them.

This community is open to all femmeslash writers from all fandoms.

1. Stories must be focused on a femmeslash pairing.
2. Stories should be 20,000 words or higher.
3. Existing stories are allowed as long as fewer than 5,000 words are already written and none of it has ever been posted online.
For full rules see here.

Sign-up to be a writer here.
Sign-up to be an artist here.
Sign-up to be a cheerleader here.
Sign-up to be a beta here.

September 1 – Sign-Ups Open
October 1 – Author Sign-Ups Close
December 10– Author Drafts Due
December 15 - Artist Claiming
February 10 – All Due
February 14 – Archive Goes Live
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